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Fiji's First Waterbus on Timetable



Our Business

Fiji's streets are getting more and more crowded. Traffic around Nadi Airport, Nadi Downtown and Denarau is already collapsing from both directions in the morning and evening hours, from Sigatoka and Lautoka. Fiji's guests find it increasingly difficult to get from their Transfer Resort to Denarau to board one of the numerous transfer Vessels to the lovely islands of the Mamanuca and Yasawa Group of Islands.

From now on, there is a beautyful alternative, the Nadi Bay Shuttle, Fiji's first waterbus, which sails a defined route across the Nadi Bay; As first Company in Fiji we run on a timetable and offer guests of neighboring resorts the opportunity to travel to Denarau or Vuda Marina by the sea.

Please sea below the timetable, Fare Rates from 8,00 FJD, Children under the age of 13 travel free, when accompanied by Parents. All Day- Tickets are available as well.

Please note our Terms & Conditions particularly regarding the weather conditions.

We are looking forward to meet you on board our beautiful "MARGARETA" - join us and have a beautyful trip to your destination.

The Beginning


Kick Off Special:

Christmas@Vuda Beach Market
14 Dec 2019

First Landing Resort

Fare Rates from 5,00 FJD
Children under 13 travelling free!*


Kick Off Timetable
14 Dec 2019

Denarau Port Marina 08:0010:0012:0002:00
RAMADA Beach 08:1510:1512:1502:15
Pullman 08:2010:2012:2002:20
VUDA Marina 08:5510:5512:5502:55
First Landing 09:0011:0012:0002:00
VUDA Marina 09:0511:0501:0503:05
Pullman 09:4011:4001:4003:40
RAMADA 09:4511:4501:4503:45
Denarau 10:0012:0002:0004:00
First Landing 04:40


The Growth



When Dave Bloxham came up with the plans for the new boat design, I did not want to believe my eyes. Overnight, the experienced owner of Cobra Boats and Marine Engineering in Nadi designed a completely new boat. From one hull suddenly two had become, the vessel was much larger than before, above all, however, the bowside entry via steps I found revolutionary.


Since the beginning of November, I was looking forward to the moment when the prototype of a brand new Generation of boats would finally be ready. Each work step was documented with photos - a unique archive about the career of a seagoing transfer boat.


Highest Precision


(from 16 Dec 2019)

DestinationTime a.m.
First Landinig07:00
Pullman Beach07:3008:3009:3010:30
RAMADA Beach07:3508:3509:3510:35
Denarau Port Marina07:5008:5009:5010:50
Sofitel Beach08:0009:0010:0011:00
Danarau Port Marina08:1009:1010:1011:10
First Landing 12:00


DestinationTime p.m.
First Landinig03:00
Pullman Beach03:3004:3005:30
RAMADA Beach03:3504:3505:35
Denarau Port Marina03:5004:5005:50
Sofitel Beach04:0005:0006:00
Danarau Port Marina04:1005:1006:10
First Landinig07:00



For further Informations call +679 9766 467 (Vodafone) or +679 7689 272 (DigiCel)