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Travelers Paradise is Back


BLUE LAGOON TICKET® is Fiji's ultimate, newest water-hop-on-hop-off style Multi Ticket. How it works? Here it comes . . .

Which Fiji vacationer wasn't hit by it, the BULA PASS. Generations of Fiji backpackers were already getting excited this expensive fun on which unfortunately no way leads during the Island hopping through the Yasawas! All possible disadvantages of such a construct you could just imagine, it merges it.



Welcome Fiji Traveler

Anyone who has ever traveled as a backpacker, knows traveling on budget is announced; But who ever traveled as a backpacker with the BULA PASS through the Yasawa Islands, has learned:

the passport is not transferable and get Immediately confiscated if someone travels unauthorized,
the Ticket is valid for days from the start, possible are 5, 7, 10, 12 or 15 days,
the disembarking is only possible with confirmed booking of an accommodation at the exit site, this must be booked with Awesome Adventures or a partner company, others booking routes are not possible
You cannot claim to Accommodation in a special resort, changes need be accepted,
it must be booked at least two nights per Resort, one night only is not possible
once back in Denarau BULA PASS expires without consideration of the remaining term.


Your Voucher please

Probably the most heard and used word during your backpack adventure, might be the term "Voucher". Wherever you go, without the " Voucher" on board of the "Yasawa Flyer" goes nothing. And hardly when you are back on the "Yasawa Flyer"and on the way to your next destination, the daily and annoying theater with the crew on board starts new like:

"Where, how long, who, why, booking confirmed, yes / no? Voucher please!

Only blessing is, that you can disembark soon to the next resort. Finally you only can enjoy on vessels return to Denarau.

Even though, actually you would have to spend most of your time on the vessel so that the usury price for the BULA PASS even counts! It is a pity that you can't stay overnight on the boat.

On the other hand: how delightful it would have been to extend your stay at the resort because of the the new friends you met; does not work, otherwise you cannot do all planned stations , while BULA PASS expires. You know that? or you can imagine that? Who ever were seeking in relevant forums as non-experienced should have met such descriptions a thousand times, certainly. The whole backpacker adventure turns easily into a single stressor.



FULL STOP: Here comes the "BLUE LAGOON TICKET®"! ! !

For more than four years, we have collected all sorts of facts and figures. We have interviewed many travelers, especially backpackers extensively find out where the weaknesses are, which is always causing trouble and Annoyance in connection with the application of the BULA PASS.

Bit by bit we turned the weak points into advantages and improved the system significantly ; the result is a unique Ticket that is not available anywhere else in the world: The




"The Waitui Basecamp seems to be a nice Resort as well!"

Can you imagine, your new friends decide to extend their holidays by a few nights at "Waitui Basecamp" and you're not there? These times are over now.

Just go where you want. Choose the most beautiful resorts in the Yasawa Islands according to your taste. From now on you travel completely relaxed, because the topic "time" is no more. From now on you can decide for yourself how much time you spend with your friends on which resorts. Five minutes of effort in the resort's reception and the new destination is already booked.

Our Proposal: You have already booked the first resort in advance, as always; from fiji4me ® you will receive the BLUE LAGOON TICKET® 7 STAGES and visit up to seven different resorts for just FJ$ 499,- without the hustle and bustle. Which resorts that will be, you decide by yourself.





"Stay one more night, it's so nice with you here!"

Who does not like a sentence like this. A pity only when time is pressing and the ship is waiting the next day and there is no alternative!

This simply belongs to the past! From now on you decide whether you want to stay one more night (or two ...) longer. No one pushes you to leave, nothing is lost to you anymore. You are free as a bird and can relax your travel plan. And without a ticket expires.

Our Proposal: You have already booked the first resort in advance, as always; from fiji4me ® you will receive the BLUE LAGOON TICKET ® 5 STAGES and visit a total of up to five different resorts for just FJ$ 419,- . How long you want to stay on the respective resort, you decide by yourself.





"You'll get what you deserve!"

If you are with fiji4me ® On the road in the Yasawas you have only one problem at all, namely, that you have to decide how many stations you want to leave in the Yasawas. No one asks you for a voucher, discusses whether you may now travel further north or only back to the south and so on, and so on, and so on ...

At fiji4me ® everything is completely relaxed; There is no clock running, which stops when you have to be back. Time is not an issue for you, just the number of stops in the islands. You can choose between three, five and seven stations, although this does not necessarily have to be resorts. Even if you're into Homestay, you're welcome on board our speedboat. fiji4me ® supports the Villages in the Yasawas who have recognized the trend and are offering homestay.

Our Proposal: You have already booked the first resort in advance, as always; from fiji4me ® you will receive the BLUE LAGOON TICKET ® 3 STAGES and visit up to three different resorts for just FJ $ 339, - without the hustle and bustle. Where you and what you get for it, you alone decide.


And if you do not want to travel the Yasawas as an archipelago, but just want to be in one place, then you just book a "1 Stage Ticket", so you can get to your preferred place in the Yasawas for a fixed amount (and back again, certainly).



"And the catch comes last, right?"

Definitely not! Here you see in black on white what you pay for the BULA PASS and how much you pay for a genuine BLUE LAGOON TICKET®.

Single Ticket99.-
Island to Island Ticket89.-
1 Stage198.-5 Days/4 nights420.-222.-
3 Stages339.-10 Days/9 nights650.-311.-
5 Stages419.-15 Days/14 nights775.-357.-
7 Stages499.-15 Days/14 nights775.-276.-
Add a Stage
(min 3 Stages required)
FAMILIY FRIENDLY: Children under the age of 13 are free of charge when accompanied by at least one adult.


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